.:I WANT:.


If Nat could speak, she’d probably be saying ALOT of it.

My little gal is beginning to test boundaries and make her own decisions. She wants to feed herself, wants to “walk” or be carried around (depending on her mood), stay longer playing in the sand, play while eating her meals, get out of the car seat (since Daddy’s driving and Mommy’s around to hold her)…just to name a few.

I wonder how much of a good thing that is? Because she can’t exactly express what she wants, she ends up screaming..make that shrieking, most of the time. We’ve got a Screamer, is all I can think of when she does that. *Sigh* I don’t always give in to her “demands”, especially not when it’s something that I wouldn’t want developing into a bad habit. Like poor table manners. So we put on our “earplugs”…

Cherns & my reaction to her is always somewhat calm. We speak in stern voices, do not smile and ask what’s the matter. We do not scream back at her. I guess there are 2 reasons for this. One: We do not want her to think that screaming is OK when you’re upset. (Although we adults are guilty of it. More so me than Cherns.) And Two: We do not want to work ourselves up into a frenzy. So far so good and she calms down after a short while. Let’s hope it stays that way and not develop into some terrible temper.


On a separate note, I felt cold bone chills tonight and was feeling ill. I managed to get 3 hours and 20mins of rest before Nat started stirring. I nudged Cherns to go get some milk, but he was his usual s-l-o-w-I-need-3-minutes-to-wake-up-before-I-can-get-out-of-bed-to-do-whatever self, so, to save ourselves the stress of Nat’s fussy cry turn into screams, I jumped out of bed to do it myself. Again. Well, she did start screaming anyways, which meant that Cherns HAD to get on his act quickly anyways…but at least the milk came back up in a jiffy.

And now I don’t feel so good, but it’s like I’m not allowed to fall sick either. Not the best of feelings. :0(






Not sure why, but I’m the most tired I have been for a long time now.

Maybe because I’m taking too many baking orders?

Maybe because I’m not sleeping well at night?

Maybe because of the recent incidences of PMS & Male PMS?

Probably because I’m not made of steel…

Nat’s got double eyelids after the Roseola experience. Interesting…

I got double eyelids now!

I got double eyelids now!

I like! Her eyes now look exactly like Cherns! Pretty pretty pretty baby. *Woot*

Cherns & I had a BBQ celebration last Sunday, the 13th of Sept, celebrating our birthdays. More for mine though and Cherns’ had passed over a week before. We had his friends and my JC pals, some of which I had not seen for a long long time. It was a great time of catching up and feasting. :0)

The next morning, Natalie woke up with a slight fever, which quickly developed into a high fever registering 38.6 degrees Celsius. I thought it was due to her teething 4 teeth at once, but when the fever didn’t subside by the following day, I brought her to the nearby GP. Her fever then registered a whopping 39.4! It was worrying. She was however, really alert still – looking around, pointing at things, but just not as cheerful as she normally is.

am I going to be ok mommy?

am I going to be ok mommy?

The GP checked her – no sore throat, no signs of flu or cough or meningitis (or “brain burn” as I’d like to put it) so he diagnosed that she had viral fever. Viral fever – I don’t like this term. It’s really vague and makes one feel very helpless since you do not know what exactly IS the virus and how to cure it. He adviced giving Paracetamol and wiping her down to bring the temperature down. By Day 3 afternoon, when her fever did not subside, I brought her to her PD and he told me that she showed classic symptoms of Roseola – a “false measles” virus which runs its course from a coupla days of high fever and then rash. He gave me some suppository as a quick fix for Nat’s high fever if it goes beyond 38.5. I tried using it twice – once which made her cry non stop for over 4 hours in the wee hours of the morning and another time which made her crap. So that wasn’t so successful…

So anyways, the rash appeared on the night of Day 4 and she now looks like a spotted alien. A happy spotted alien with a 4-teeth grin. Ha! She regained her appetite and has been eating porridge for the past 2 days now. I wonder how long this rash will take to disappear? Infact, I wonder if the rash is uncomfortable to have?

We missed a friend’s daughter’s birthday party at a little gym today. I was so looking forward to it and letting Nat climb about, but alas, she will have to wait for another 2 weeks when I’ll be bringing her, on the invite of another mommy friend, to a gym somewhere in the East. Shall blog about that when that comes to pass! Right now, it’s home rest for Natalie, Daddy & Mommy over the long Hari Raya weekend! *Yay*

Oh…and did I mention? I’ve declared the next 2 weeks off from baking. I’m thinking of making some mooncakes. SH and I went for a mooncake making class yesterday and learnt how to make traditional mooncakes & yam spiral mooncakes. It sure was fun, but as usual, there were many of those kiasu type aunties in there. We brought home 8 mini yam spiral mooncakes, 3 big traditional mooncakes (2 with yolks) and 7 mini traditional ones. Not bad for our first try I must say! Perhaps I might consider baking mooncakes for sale next year?

Nat just turned 9 months a week back and she’s developing a personality which I wonder if is too strong for a girl? She’s very energetic, that’s for sure, but she can be quite rough and boy, does she have a temper! Cherns said that children gain the most of their personality trait in the first 3 months of their lives…which makes it bad for Natalie’s case…since I was still staying with my in-laws then…and life.was.not.happy. *Bows head and prays against any bad-ness that has crept into our little family, in Jesus’ name*

Just the other day, I gave her an onion bulb to hold, saying the word onion over and over so she could hear. She decided that she wanted to eat the onion and put the bulb into her mouth, which of course made me pull it out of her hands. She wasn’t happy. I told her “No” and proceeded to give it back to her to hold. She decided to try her luck at eating it again and this time, I pulled her hand away from her mouth and repeated “No”. She was so upset that she literally threw the onion onto the ground like in a fit of rage and screamed at me! She went “AHHH!” and then cried. Make that, scream cried. I let her, but explained that the onion bulb was dirty because the skin had not been washed or peeled. And also that she wouldn’t be wanting to eat a raw onion because it is quite a pungent vegetable. I wonder if she understood? :0P After a while of screaming – which I’m sure my neighbour probably heard and wondered what was going on – I picked her up and everything “reset”, as Cherns would put it. Meaning, she wasn’t upset anymore and we could proceed to doing our next play/feed/bath program…

She’s also teething – her 5th & 6th tooth and as usual, that means that I have had interrupted sleep for almost 2 weeks now. I can imagine it’s not fun when your enamels decide to make their (bloody) appearance. Well, I give it another 3days and those 2 whites should have erupted outta the pinks. And then…there are 14 more. *Gah*

In less than 3 months, Nat will be one. Yes, ONE. Wow. Time flies…speaking of which, SEPTEMBER is the month of Cherns & my birthdays! This year, I’m hitting the Big 3-0. Bye bye 20s! They did seem like a really long time of my life – transiting¬† from being a student to a working adult to a married woman and now a mommy. We’re going to be having a small combined celebration with some friends over BBQ this weekend and I’ll be baking “our” cake. So much for having a nice big “I’m 30!” cake. I’m too miserly to spend a bomb on something I can make on my own. :0P

We did, however, spend Chern’s birthday with my family. We had a nice dinner @ Sage – my parents’ treat! Nat was there too and had her share of Foccacia, mushroom soup, cheese potato, etc. She was too tired by the time we were done and was wailing away by the time we got home. :0( That was really stressful!


And oh! I got Cherns a Canon D50 camera for his birthday and he was really surprised. :0) He’s been using it to take family pictures and some of his RedDot Music work. I’m glad he likes it and has been taking very much care of it. Happiness – and might I add that I’m experiencing so much more of it after the move. :0D

I was reading another mommy’s blog when I was reminded that I ought to write about Natalie’s milestones before I forget them!

She’s 8 months 1 week 1 day today and her 3rd tooth just erupted out from her gums this morning….which also means, I was sleep deprived last night! But it’s real cute I must say…and looks kinda big. Must be the father’s genes.

3 months 1 week: Nat did her first flip – from her belly to her back – afterwhich she did 4-5 more and no more for quite awhile. She did look kinda stunned when she landed facing upward, but she did not cry. I heard that many babies do, especially from the shock of a “different world view”. She’s a brave girl

4 months 1 week: Nat did a flip from her back to belly! It took quite some effort, but she grunted and groaned and flipped her body over. She’s a smart one, using the momentum of a swinging leg to give her that last bit of inertia to turn her over. After this milestone was reached, she was constantly flipping herself this way each time we positioned her back onto her back while trying to change her diaper. She definitely preferred turning this way than from her belly to back and it was the beginning of “c’mon-we-need-to-change-your-diaper-stop-moving” phase!

4.5 months: Nat’s first tooth erupted out of her gums and she bit me while nursing.Her 2nd tooth arrived soon after. I stopped latching her from then as I could not bear the pain that I felt when she bit. This girl is really strong (as most of you already know by now) and I believe if I had continued to latch her, I would be nipple-less today.

At 6 months, Nat began to crawl. She had this determined look on her face as she crawled from one end of the bed to the other and then some more. Of course I had to use something to encourage her (a video playing on my mobile phone, in this case) and she did her thing brilliantly. I must say that I was really excited! We tried to get her to do it again when Cherns got home from work, but she was too tired and decided that she was just going to rub her face onto the bed and lie down. Ha!

About 6 months + was when Nat started to smile a whole lot! She was laughing and giggling and grinning and even smirking every now and then! I thank God that she is one happy baby. :0)

7 months: Nat began to dislike sitting. She wanted to stand and walk while we held her hands up. She began to cruise at 7.5months and is now, at 8 months 1 week, attempting to stand on her own. She has apparently done so a coupla times, but I have yet yo witness it…

And so they say that once your child begins to walk, you’ll be so so busy! I can imagine. Well, looks like I’ll be losing even more weight than I already have then!

See how she's grown!

See how she's grown!